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September 2015

Breakthrough at the St. Petersburg Metro

The underground railway system of Saint Petersburg – the Russian city with over a million inhabitant is one of the deepest metro systems in the world due to the town’s unique geological conditions.

The first line that has been opened on 15th November 1955 is worldwide famous for its architecture: with typical Soviet designs featuring exquisite decorations and artwork this metro is one of the most attractive and elegant in the world. The Metro network consists of five lines with a total of 113.6 km route length and 67 stations. Every day 2.8 million and an annual 1.02 billion passengers are carried.

Now 3.7 kilometers have been added. That’s the length the TBM drilled within the 16-month driving time before the breakthrough in June 2015. The TBM with a diameter of 10.65 m, had to drive radii up to 600 m. With the VMT products TUnIS Navigation TBMLaser, TUnIS Navigation Office and TUnIS Ring Sequencing a smooth advance could be guaranteed despite those special challenges. Through the web-based information system IRIS the persons in charge could get access from anywhere on the data they needed of the machine or the advance.